The Oxford Anthropology and Museum Ethnography Alumni Society was
founded in 2011 at the Oxford & Cambridge Club in London’s Pall Mall.

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives being:

  • to bring people together  who share specific interests and a love of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography through social gatherings and networks;
  • to offer assistance and hospitality to visiting and resident academics, dignitaries, students  and Oxford Alumni and Staff with an interest in Anthropology and Museum Ethnography;
  • to co-operate with similar bodies in other countries, with overseas Anthropology and Museum Ethnography groups, Oxford Alumni groups, NGOs, governments, religious institutions and other organisations and institutions anywhere concerned with the welfare and interests of Anthropologists and Museum Ethnographers;
  • to promote the role of the University of Oxford’s Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, its knowledge and understanding of peoples, cultures and current affairs, through public meetings and discussions, conferences and artistic displays;
  • to provide a welcome and a platform for prominent overseas visitors
    to report on current affairs and issues of interest to Donors, Alumni, Students and Staff, and Members;
  • to advocate Anthropological perspectives, especially methodology, relating to issues involving government and other institutions and bodies in the UK;
  • to co-operate with, and link societies and organisations which represent particular countries in the UK, Ireland and in Europe;
  • to provide and promote a network of expertise 

We have come a long way since then and have relaunched our website. We encourage those of you not in London to create your own groups – in the UK and overseas.

We would be glad support you.

Founding Members and Supporters

We are always keen to hear from people who wish to become involved in the management of the organisation – this is not a job, but a hobby and therefore should be fun! For younger, less experienced Alumni and Kindred Spirits, do get in touch – you don’t learn to ski by reading a book and contributing to the running of any organisation is useful experience.

Founding Chair: Dr Helen Carr

Founding Vice Chair: Dr Rosalind Jansson